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Recommended Read: Reclaiming Native Truth

Check this resource out: Here is a brief excerpt: "Reclaiming Native Truth is a national effort to achieve equity, inclusion and policy changes that will improve the lives of Native families and communities...Shifting the narrative about Native peoples demands that we fully understand current public perceptions and the dominant narratives that pervade American society. These narratives, or stories, create people’s overarching perception of Native Americans and inform their interpretation of new facts and experiences. Until we shift the broad public narrative, we cannot move hearts and minds on the issues that shape current reality for Native Americans.

On this journey, we stand on the shoulders of those who have been working diligently before us. It is our sincere hope that Reclaiming Native Truth provides the data, expert insights and collaborative space needed for organizations and movements to work together toward designing a collective vision, goals and strategies to shift the public narrative and create societal change leading to more opportunities for Native peoples."

This resource provides a solid portrayal of the current narrative about Native peoples in America using research and data. In doing so, it explores potential solutions to shifting that narrative to create the space for greater social justice. One of my favorite findings is: DEFICIT FRAME HAS DEEP ROOTS. (FYI, check out my Ignite talk regarding the deficit frame in stories about Native peoples in research: This resource also provides exploration of some data-supported strengths that we could leverage to create a new narrative, including the widespread appreciation for Native values, the well-recognized patriotism of Native people, and the diverse allies that Native people have rallied behind them.

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