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Indigenous Health Promotion

GOAL: $1,000 Current: $283

TLC Transformations will have the rare opportunity to partner with a health promotion organization, Ayni Wasi. Ayni Wasi uses a promotores model to reach the remote rural and high-altitude Indigenous communities of the Sacred Valley area that lack access to primary medical care. Many of you may be familiar with the high economic need and the challenges in accessing basic necessities, services and supplies that we take for granted here in the USA. Please contact me if you are interested in donating money or supplies. A PayPal link is provided below as well.


  • Monetary funds (biggest need) 

    • To support the publication of the curriculum in an easily transportable and durable format for going into rural communities to train (currently a prohibitive expense that is hindering effective implementation).

    • Also provides supplies needed for promotores kits

  • Supplies

    • Printer ink - HP 2135 (black and color)

    • Printer ink - Epson 664 (black and color)

    • Triple antibiotic ointment (like Neosporin)(This is one of the most important items Ayni Wasi puts in health workers’ first aid kits, and it is very expensive in Perú.)

    • Medical tape (also very expensive in Perú)

    • A laptop for training purposes (it could be a second-hand one)

    • A pin button maker machine

Indigenous Health Promotion: Get Involved
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